Untitled 2020

My work is based on my personal feelings experienced during lockdown, especially at the start of pandemic. The fear, uncertainty, silence, time, fear and loneliness. The photographs are abstract and surreal, I tried to describe my inner feelings which I can’t explain in logic words. It was my way to create visual representations of the subconscious mind.

For the construction of these photographs I used items that I have around my house. A dry rose stem from my garden, jelly gems and a worm. We keep worms as a food for our pet bearded dragon. I placed these elements together in a playful way and recorded the journey of the worm up to the stem. I noticed that after eating a little bit from the sweet jelly gem, the worm had a big boost of energy and he claimed up the stem so quickly that I almost felt like a sport photographer.

Four of these images are currently displayed at the online exhibition ‘Looking Out’ by Birdhouse Collective.

To see our exhibition, please click the link below: