The brain in a golden box- the process of creating a weird thing

As the part of a college project I was given the box and complete freedom to do what I like with it.

I wanted to continue to work in the same direction as my graded unit’s project so I continued theme about my brain creature (long story, one day I will go trough the project on my blog too)

First I drew some sketches and for inspiration I looked at Joseph Cornell’s  Joseph Cornell and Will Maclean’s artwork .



first idea: I was thinking to use a mirror and led lights but in the process I changed my mind.


Next I started to create the brain. For base I used a sock, stuffed with an old teddy bear stuffing and then I covered it with material cut out from an old t-shirt. To make the form of the brain, I sew tightly with thread and sculpted brain’s creases and folds. Later I embroidered this little creature with seed beads and moulinĂ© threads. I wanted to make him luxurious and posh.

For eyes I used acrylic dolls eyes which I had from old times when I used to create strange jewellery.

I bought mirror gold effect leaves and gilded the inside of the box. Outside I painted white and stained it with black watercolour pencils to create dirty old and worn look. I decided to use gold for all the inside of the box instead of mirror at the back and led lights.


In the process…





The work was almost done. I had just one thing left to do- I wanted to put the brain guy in the box.

I have some interesting bird cages at home from an old photography project I had couple years ago. One afternoon I put the brain into one of the cages. I don’t know why I did it but suddenly I saw a brilliant concept!  This idea occupied my mind so intensively, I couldn’t forget it. Suddenly old idea wasn’t interesting anymore. So, the making process was very quick and voila- here it is – the finished product!


Caged Mind. 2016