The last seven months have been very challenging for everyone. For me, this has been the big art experiment time- I explored lots of mediums (those who follow me on social media know everything probably!) I tried sewing, painting, drawing, and as my income decreased significantly, I had to look for some other ways of making cash, so I started my handmade jewellery business on Etsy

I opened Patreon profile shortly before pandemic started and it didn’t work out at that time. So I paused it and waited for a better timeā€¦ now I decided to give this page another go. At the moment I have some new photographs from the last warm-up photoshoot (first shoot since March!) Also, you can find files which are free to download and print!

I chose Patreon because this is a great platform for artists, creators to share work and get paid for it. Patreon is getting more popular at this time; it is a way for many artists to earn some money so they can continue to create. Supporters get rewards from artists, that can be digital downloads or physical goodies.

Please have a look at my Patreon page: