New Lens in my bag!


Recently I bought a new Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens. I used to have the same lens before but because I went through a ”I don’t want to do photography anymore” crisis in my life, I sold it. And I deeply regretted this decision for long time because it is not a cheap lens. For example at our local Jessoph’s shop on Highstreet the same lens costs GBP 699 ( you can find for a better price if you buy online) : click here . As I am on budget ( I am full time art student plus mum of three kids), I had to look for more affordable choices. So, I was looking for used lens. I found this on Ebay. I communicated with the seller, looked at pictures he sent me ( I suggest to communicate with sellers personally), and got this lens for a bargain: GBP 360. This lens is completely new, came in the original packaging, there was no dust, no any signs of usage so I was very very lucky with this purchase.

More about this lens:

Previously I used this lens on Canon 40 D and I was happy with it, but I am very delighted to see how much wider it is on my Canon 5D Mark II. It’s amazing! There is an example – focal length 17 mm: 

This lens is ideal for landscape photography, it is good for large group of people photos, it is great for interior photography but must be careful with deformations this lens is making, 17 mm is quite wide,  but can be easy corrected in Photoshop. 

The next image: I used the same focal length but I cropped it later in Lightroom. As you can see this lens is very effective in documentary type photography. 

If you put the lens very close to someones face, you can get funny effect, like in the next example:

I can suggest this lens for those who are looking for something wide, high quality and affordable 🙂 

P.S. This is not a professional review. Professional reviews can be find on