Looking for the question-thoughts before dissertation.

Back to Uni! Excited! It is my final year in Contemporary art and Contextualized Practice BA Hons. At the moment I am preparing for my dissertation and looking for the theme which I will explore all this academic year.

Women shave their legs, armpits, they wax their faces, pluck eyebrows, etc. Why is the body hair seen as unattractive? Young girls spend at least an hour in the shower shaving their bodies to feel attractive. They injure themselves while shaving but they still do it. Isn’t this completely nonsense? It is the NORM to shave ¬†and keep the skin smooth but actually body hair is normal and to have hairy armpits is not unhygienic, it’s NORMAL. I am researching The Body Positivity Movement and the tendencies and trends on social media in connection with this movement.

While I was working on my project Beauty Warriors, I saw so many different tools that are used to change women’s appearance and I admire the creativity of the beauty industry! I was wondering why are women feeling so insecure about their appearances? (including me! ) Why is it so hard to accept ourselves, why it is so hard to see the diversity of beauty? We all are unique and we all are beautiful!