Little People- the collection of handmade porcelain brooches

I have always been fascinated by people’s faces. Since I was at school, I liked to draw people. I doodled faces everywhere, even on the corners of my school notebooks. I still do, I still draw people every day. Faces are so fascinating, they tell so many stories, they are so unique and interesting. People’s faces have become a very important part of my work- in photography and painting.

A couple years ago I rented a space in a small clay studio and since that time, I have special warm feelings with clay. The making process is very meditative and calming. Perfect for this time.

I am lucky to have an amazing friend who happened to have a clay studio and her own kiln. Link to her website: With her help, I was able to glaze and fire the brooches that I made earlier from my doodles and sketches.

Here are some images for preparing brooches.

I am very excited to announce that my brooches are available for purchasing now! Please follow the link to my shop:

All the brooches are offered to #artistsupportpledge created by Matthew Burrows. I put up works for sale of no more than £200 and if I reach 1K, I pledge to buy another artists work. Please support this wonderful artist initiative!

To see more brooches, please go here