Life Drawing Classes


We are organising Life Drawing classes every Saturday, 6:15- 8:15 PM at Inverness Creative Academy, Stephen’s street.

Our classes have limited spaces!

About classes:

This is a general life drawing class, self guided, ( with a guidance and advice for beginners) designed to encourage you to develop your own style and approach. With poses from 30 seconds to one hour- there is something for everyone. 

Easels, drawing boards, tables and chairs will be provided. 

Things to remember:

  • Please wear a face covering when entering the building and during the class!
  • You will be asked to scan a QR code at the entrance- this is part of track and tracce. Please download evePASS application before coming to class! If you don’t have a mobile phone, your details will be taken and recorded in the book.
  • Bring your own materials! Due to Covid restrictions we are not able to share any materials. You will need to bring your own paper (max size A2- our boards are A2 size), charcoal, pencils, erasers. Please bring your own brushes and water cup if you are planning to use paints or ink.
  • Please arrive on time! (5 minutes before start. )
  • Please bring your own water bottle!
  • All students are required to wear a facemask. Those who have an age, health or disability reason to not wear a face covering please email before your class.
  • Tutor will either be wearing a clear visor or face mask so participants can see their face clearly.
  • Disposable face masks and nitrile gloves are available to participants to wear. Gloves are not required but available if participants prefer.
  • Models for classes will not be required to wear a mask while modelling but they will when they are not modelling. 

Individual tables (or easels) will be setup before participants arrive to ensure appropriate social distancing.

Reporting of Covid-19

  • If we are notified that a visitor has contracted Covid-19 then the we will comply with the appropriate obligations under the NHS Track and Trace scheme where relevant and where consent given. 
  • If it is believed that there has been an outbreak, the building will be immediately closed and a thorough clean of the building will be undertaken.

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