Leonid meets the God.

my daughter hiding behind the paintingLeonid in nice dining room


The man stands in the toilet.

I pictured the moment before his death. He stands in the toilet and realises that his beautiful dreams, good life expectations are flushed down in the toilet and he doesn’t have anything to show to the God. All poor man’s life’s ”beauty” can be seen- he is dressed in underwear, caught in the place and time when he didn’t expect to be seen. He lived his life only to comfort himself, ate greasy fast food and played games, drunk too much beer, watched TV and so on. But you can see- he has the most beautiful wide opened eyes in the world. This is his naive and childish mind. The God is looking at him down from above – on the powerless and weak man. I don’t know what happened to Leonid later. To me the most interesting thing is just a couple seconds before his death. How will man react when the time has come? What does he have to show to the God? We don’t have anything, we are weak and empty. Most of people are. And nothing is worth- money, power, and pride. It is worth nothing. Then you are just little embarrassing bug with those wide opened naive eyes.

This is one of my first paintings. I didn’t have any experience or knowledge how to paint. I had this idea very strong in my mind and I just wanted to paint it.