Crowdfunder- Beauty Warriors Book

Many of you are familiar with the project Beauty Warriors already. I started to work on this project in 2017, during my studies at Inverness UHI. I was obsessively looking and searching for strange beauty improvement tools- face slimmers, double chin removers, eyelid openers and wide range of masks and certain body part enlargers, wrapping tools and but pumps. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to continue to work on this project, I had to write a dissertation and finish my studies. I worked on different projects as part of the research and slowly abandoned Beauty Warriors. But I always wanted to continue to work on it, and as a final product of the project would be the book. So here I am- I decided to do it now. To continue to work on the project I need funds. I found so many great new items which I can use for the photographs but I need money to buy them.

Here are some examples of the items I want to purchase.

Those are just a few examples, there are much more interesting items available online!

I have plans to complete the project in six months after the crowdfunding is finished and I hope to create the final product- the book in a year time from the finish of the crowdfunding. I have never published a book, so I understand that this will be a completely new journey and challenge but I am ready to do it.

I set up the Crowdfunding page and I am looking for your support. In return you can choose your reward, the pledges are available from 5 GBP to 300, I tried to add a variety of rewards, so everyone could find something for themselves.

Please click the link below!

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