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The Installation by Sharon Scobbie

    My friend Sharon Scobbie was preparing a temporary installation in woods, and she asked to take some pictures of her beautiful work. I always enjoy doing such things, I am happy I can help, and it’s just fun. More about this fascinating project and preparation you can find on her blog She did all


We live in the world where negativity is advertised on news, where violence is marching waving fists, where stupidity and shallowness can be normalised, but ethics, love and simply understanding is out of fashion and often forgotten. Today it’s important to speak love, see love, show love more than ever. Am I naive because I

Living in simplicity

This summer I spent 4 weeks in Latvia with my family. We stayed in our hometown, Salacgrīva. It is a quiet and beautiful town near the Baltic sea.  We had no internet and no TV.  We lived in beautiful simplicity enjoying lunches and dinners outside, having a lot of fun together.  I wanted to share

Yarnbombing madness

My friend Sharon (visit her blog ) is known for her yarnbombing projects. She yarnbombed car at Dicksons car centre and a bicycle and furniture for displaying at Newstart shop’s window.  Almost always I see her hands busy- either knitting or crocheting something, or stabbing wool (needle felting) 😀 . One day we had a conversation about

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