Beauty Warriors


The series “Beauty Warriors” is a collection of photographs featuring strange and unusual-looking beauty products. All the products were bought on popular shopping sites, and most items were made from plastic and are cheap. These products promise instant cures to almost all beauty problems; they fight “problem zones” and promise to cure problems without surgical intervention. 

Each photograph is carefully planned and prepared, the clothing was found in the charity shops. 

During the sessions, we discussed beauty routines and secrets and of course, we had so much fun with trying out the beauty gadgets.

To be successful, you must be perfect and look perfect—these are our society’s rules, which we all follow without even realizing how ridiculous the standards are. We often forget about the importance of inner beauty.

The project is ongoing, as I just can’t stop buying these wonderful pieces!

I am very lucky for having such lovely models who allowed to take pictures of them! Thank you so much! 

The project received LensCulture Portrait 2017 award and was nominated for Henry Nannen 2019 Award in Germany. 





All of my artworks are labeled as a Limited Edition . Pieces that are in a limited edition are produced in a set limited quantity. Generally, editions are smaller than 50 pieces total. Limited edition works are generally more valuable because of the limited number available. Once limited editions run out the prints will no longer be available. 


Selected Beauty Warriors prints are available at Masterpiece Edition Gallery