Laid bare I reach for curling 

      green leaves, damp and unfurling 
in my tenuous grip.
Life’s detritus blankets my toes
       as I dig deep and lose myself
in sensory delights of smell and
       touch and sounds so small that 
I begin to feel again.
Deep breaths, eyes closed…
Love leaches in through branch and twig
       til it finds me curled tight
as bud. Safe. Warm.
       Wrapped in wonder.
(Lar MacGregor)


The Installation by Sharon Scobbie



My friend Sharon Scobbie was preparing a temporary installation in woods, and she asked to take some pictures of her beautiful work. I always enjoy doing such things, I am happy I can help, and it’s just fun. More about this fascinating project and preparation you can find on her blog

She did all the work alone, crocheted beautiful poppies and NEEDLE-FELTED the sculpture (his name is Cecil). Those who know what is needle-felting technique, they can imagine what effort she put into the creation of this sculpture. For those who are not familiar with this method, I suggest to research it to understand better what a great job Sharon did. It’s probably one of the most time-consuming techniques I know. I appreciate and admire her talent.


photo Sharon Scobbie


The Installation by Sharon Scobbie



Maybe the weather seems a little bit gloomy but my heart is filled with happiness. I was working this morning at the Forestry School , preparing for tomorrow’s photo session and I felt so uplifted because the colours everywhere are just amazing! And it was quiet and the fresh air…. I had so much more energy for all day! 

Fingers crossed for a good weather tomorrow! 



We live in the world where negativity is advertised on news, where violence is marching waving fists, where stupidity and shallowness can be normalised, but ethics, love and simply understanding is out of fashion and often forgotten. Today it’s important to speak love, see love, show love more than ever. Am I naive because I still believe in love? So my next series will explore this theme – love. I don’t want to reveal too much information but I’ll allow a little sneak peek in preparing processes. 

When you have to cross barbed wire fence to get your props 😀

My car full of “props”





New Lens in my bag!


Recently I bought a new Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens. I used to have the same lens before but because I went through a ”I don’t want to do photography anymore” crisis in my life, I sold it. And I deeply regretted this decision for long time because it is not a cheap lens. For example at our local Jessoph’s shop on Highstreet the same lens costs GBP 699 ( you can find for a better price if you buy online) : click here . As I am on budget ( I am full time art student plus mum of three kids), I had to look for more affordable choices. So, I was looking for used lens. I found this on Ebay. I communicated with the seller, looked at pictures he sent me ( I suggest to communicate with sellers personally), and got this lens for a bargain: GBP 360. This lens is completely new, came in the original packaging, there was no dust, no any signs of usage so I was very very lucky with this purchase.

More about this lens:

Previously I used this lens on Canon 40 D and I was happy with it, but I am very delighted to see how much wider it is on my Canon 5D Mark II. It’s amazing! There is an example – focal length 17 mm: 

This lens is ideal for landscape photography, it is good for large group of people photos, it is great for interior photography but must be careful with deformations this lens is making, 17 mm is quite wide,  but can be easy corrected in Photoshop. 

The next image: I used the same focal length but I cropped it later in Lightroom. As you can see this lens is very effective in documentary type photography. 

If you put the lens very close to someones face, you can get funny effect, like in the next example:

I can suggest this lens for those who are looking for something wide, high quality and affordable 🙂 

P.S. This is not a professional review. Professional reviews can be find on






Living in simplicity

This summer I spent 4 weeks in Latvia with my family. We stayed in our hometown, Salacgrīva. It is a quiet and beautiful town near the Baltic sea. 

We had no internet and no TV.  We lived in beautiful simplicity enjoying lunches and dinners outside, having a lot of fun together.  I wanted to share just few pictures taken during this beautiful time. 




Yarnbombing madness

My friend Sharon (visit her blog ) is known for her yarnbombing projects. She yarnbombed car at Dicksons car centre and a bicycle and furniture for displaying at Newstart shop’s window.

 Almost always I see her hands busy- either knitting or crocheting something, or stabbing wool (needle felting) 😀 . One day we had a conversation about creating something for a picture and then idea was born-  she knitted a suit…….Naked Lady’s suit…. it is  so wonderful! 

She writes in her blog, ”The next stage in my yarn bombing project I’d wanted to make a body suit, a faceless one, in pink, very girly, but not your typical stereotype. I wanted to make some statement , that’s it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to stand out from the crowd”.  

Now at College we all have stressful and crazy time, close to the end… just few weeks left and also, we are preparing for the exhibition. But in the middle of that all I remembered our conversation about creating crocheted room for the picture and I reminded Sharon about it. Sharon didn’t think very long and we arranged time for a photoshoot. We set everything up, she put on her beautiful naked Lady’s suit and here it is- our first collaborative project (and I am hoping for more!)

🙂 Enjoy!

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